Ingenieurbüro GILAN

Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour

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  • MicroStation
      - powerfull CAD-software and design program for 3D-applications (e. g. modelling, visualization)
  • Phidias
      - photogrammetric evaluation software module for MicroStation, for calculation of orientations and bundle adjustments as well as rectification and orthophotos
  • RiScanPro
      - software for controlling the Riegl Scanner and for further processing of the point clouds and the captured images as well as the visualization of the measured data
  • QTSculptor
      - software for the Light Stripe Scanner to grab the 3D-scans and to evaluate these scans up to the finished 3D-model with photorealistic texture
  • RiProcess
      - is the Riegl software for analyzing, processing and visualizing data acquired with airborne scanning systems based on the Riegl Airborne Laserscanner
  • Leica Geo Office
      - for processing the data of the TPS and GNSS instruments, from data management up to GPS postprocessing