Ingenieurbüro GILAN

Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour


With the help of photogrammetry it is possible to fulfil different tasks and to measure objects on the basis of photos within millimeter accuracy. For these services we use a high resolution digital reflex camera with a range of calibrated lenses.
Examples of our work can be seen via the links on the right side or by taking a closer look at our projects.
  • Sections and views
      - generating of cross and longitudinal sections for planing and documentation purposes
      - preparation of facade maps, e.g. for historical analysis of buildings
  • Documentation of damages
      - accurate evaluation and documentation such as damages of facades by creating detailed plans, which could be the base for facade repairs and restoration works
  • Orthophotos
      - creating of deskewed photos, scaled photographic images
      - used for developing and updating topographical and city maps
      - creating of complete image-maps by a mosaic of several orthophotos
  • Developing drawings and projections
      - scaled rectification of curved surfaces (archs, towers, etc.) into the plane
      - projection of multiple curved surfaces e.g. projection of a cupola to a cylinder
  • Analysis of aerial photos
      - developing of topographical and city maps
      - creating of deskewed images of the earth's surface