Ingenieurbüro GILAN

Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour

The company GILAN

We are a dynamic and flexible team of surveying engineers. Because of using conventional surveying instruments on one side and very special equipment on the other side we can fulfil a large variaty of surveying services.
From a terrestrial measured map via a photogrammetric recorded fassade plan to submillimeter exact 3D-models we can do any kind of surveying task for you.
Furthermore we are partner of PHOCAD, Leica AG, Amberg Technologies, Polymetric, Riegl LMS and Kubit. Because of this we have a big amount of high-performing instruments and software solutions at our disposal.
See our products for yourself and take a closer look at our services and possibilities on the following pages.
If you wish more information or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us directly.