Ingenieurbüro GILAN

Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - Berlin / Germany

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For preparing the complete reconstruction of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the surveying teams of Ingenieurbüro Gilan and TrigonArt Bauer Praus GbR carried out a three-dimensional acquisition and documentation of the whole monument.

The field work for the comprehensive survey of the Memorial Church was performed in 2009. For the three-dimensional survey a combination of several measuring methods was employed. The remains were completely scanned with a terrestrial laser scanner both inside and outside. Further more photogrammetrical images of the facades were acquired and specific as well as control points were measured using a total station.

As a first evaluation step the total station measurements were processed, the photo- grammetrical images were orientated and a whole point cloud was calculated. Based on these results all further products could be evaluated.

One part of the processing was a high-resolution triangulation. Thereout several 3D-models were generated and afterwards photo-realistic textured.

Further more a variety of CAD plans and orthophotos were processed using photogrammetrical evaluations as well as the previously produced 3D-models. These plans were the basis for the upcoming work of the architects from BASD company.
The following results were generated:

  - site plan of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and its surrounding
  - views of all four facades with stone by stone evaluation and the documentation of damages
  - views of the hidden gable ends
  - true to scale orthophotos of the facades and other selected parts

  - horizontal sections: ground plan and storey plans in different heights
  - vertical sections: longitudinal and cross sections
  - unwrapping of the main tower
  - unwrapping of the northern and southern tower

At the end additional results were produced to represent this project.
An animation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church shows the processed data like point cloud, 3D-models and CAD plans. Further more 3D crystal engravings presenting the whole Breitscheidplatz or just the old tower were manufactured.