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Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour

Light Stripe Scanner
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The light stripe scanner developed by Polymetric is an instrument for the precise 3-dimensional survey of small objects. Depending on its size and the measuring conditions it is possible to survey these objects with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm and by using the associated software you can create the corresponding 3D-model. There is a variety of possibilities in different fields for using the Light Stripe Scanner.
Examples of our work can be seen via the links on the right side or by taking a closer look at our projects.
  • Archaeology
      - documentation of historical finds by scanning and following 3D-modelling
      - photo-realistic texturing of 3D-models
      - visualisation of objects
      - data collection for making true to original copies
  • Preservation of historic monuments
      - acquisition and 3D-modelling e.g. for later restoration
      - documentation of damages e.g. because of alteration or vandalism
      - visualisation through three-dimensional presentation of objects
  • Industry
      - acquisition and 3D-modelling e.g. for planning purposes
      - quality control on the basis of the 3D-models during production
      - documentation of mechanical wear
  • Reproduction
      - acquisition and 3D-modelling of objects for duplication
      - editing of 3D-models, scaling or other adjustments with following reproduction
  • Visualisation
      - three-dimensional presentations e.g. in the internet
      - photo-realistic demonstration of real objects in 3D
      - animation Pfeil example (4.1 MB)